There are Lions in our shower! Mabuasehube, Botswana

There are Lions in our shower!  Mabuasehube, Botswana


When you embark on a safari in Africa you never know what you are going to get – especially so when you self-drive and dare to stay in remote unfenced campsites.  That is why I love it that much! Traveling in this way I have had many special encounters in camp.

But the experience we had in August 2013 in Mabuasehube (also captured on video) just beats all others!  Mabuasehube is part of the Kgalagadi Transfrontier park, on its very eastern side in Botswana.  It was the last leg of our 2 week self drive through the Kgalagadi.  One night we were just chilling out in camp when a Brown Hyena showed up to drink from the leaking camp shower.

Brown Hyena

We thought that was it for our excitement for the night and were chatting and doing some last chores around camp before settling down in our tents to sleep.  A strange slurping noise came from the direction of the shower.  Did the hyena return?  We shone our flashlights in that direction and we had the surprise of our lives when we saw lions drinking from our leaking shower.  The Royal Family were in town and they were thirsty!

Shower time? Think again …

They kept going in and out of the shower jostling for the best spots enjoying the fresh water.   How many lions can you fit at once in one tiny shower you may ask?  The answer is 5.

Young Lions Exploring our Shower

Protecting the Privacy

This image would be really disturbing if one of us was missing

While most of the pride decided to snooze after their drink, two of the young males had other ideas.  They started wrestling and playing around our campsite.  They discovered our frozen tablecloth which of course had to be pounced on and killed!

Things are getting rowdy


Busted! Guilty Face

What do you have there? I want it

But it’s mine!

Just before dawn they left as silently as they had arrived, leaving us with an unforgettable experience etched in our memories.  It is such a privilege to share space with these magnificent creatures.  Africa is not for sissies and you can bet we will be back soon in its beautiful untamed wilderness ready for anything it decides to throw at us next!

* This experience is also captured on video


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  1. Bulldog

    I just love this post and although I can’t find a reblog button I’m going to share the link on my site for my followers to be able to see this… My son and I are going there in April, hoping for such an experience… wonderful post…

    • admin

      Glad you like it! It was my most memorable bush experience ever. Wishing you a wonderful trip to Mabua, such a special place – I hear it’s beautiful in April!

    • admin

      Sorry I was away in Africa again – even though you already left I still wish you a fabulous trip & hopefully the lions will pay you a little visit :)

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