Spot the Baby Indri!

Spot the Baby Indri!


All the visitors to Andasibe in Madagascar have one particular creature high on their wishlist: the Indri – the largest living lemur on the island. During my visit to Andasibe, not only did I see and photograph this fascinating creature but I was also treated to a sight of this cute little baby! The baby was looking at us with a mixture of curiosity and perplexity. It was totally worth the hours waiting for them to feel comfortable enough to approach us.

Whether you get to see any Indris or not in the rainforest here, at certain times of the day you can surely hear them. Their haunting wailing is for sure the weirdest and most haunting animal noise I have ever heard. So as a bonus I am providing a link to one of our videos where you can hear the sound of the Indri.

Techs: Canon 7D | Canon 300mm 2.8 IS II | f/2.8 | 1/320s | ISO 800

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