Golden Hour

Golden Hour


The story of the lions in our shower in Mabuasehube has been well documented in this blog (in case you haven’t seen it check out the blog link & the videos below). Despite being in the company of lions all night with virtually no sleep we were still up at the crack of dawn to try to find them again. We were rewarded by a fantastic sighting in lovely golden light. The younger lions who stayed in our camp all night were just catching up with the rest of the pride. The light reflecting off the golden vegetation was so beautiful that I felt compelled to use a lot of negative space to incorporate it as one of the main elements in my composition. Dawn is such an inspiring time to be out and about in the African bush and it is my favourite time of the day – even though I am usually not a morning person at all (and that’s an understatement!).

Techs: Canon 7D | Canon 300 2.8 IS II + Canon Extender 1.4 Mk III | f/4 | 1/500s | ISO 200

If you haven’t seen it yet, here is the link of the video of the lions “invading” our shower

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