About Me

I am a Maltese wildlife photographer residing in Finland.  I am very passionate about animals, wild places, and the need to conserve them.  Photography is my means to share the wonderful moments I get to spend with wild animals in their natural habitat with others.  My mission is to tap into people’s emotions towards animals, inspire them to learn more about them and take action to conserve wildlife and its habitats. My favourite animals are the cats, so it is no surprise that Africa is my favourite photographic and adventure playground.

2016 Siena International Photo Awards – Remarkable Award
2015 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards – Highly Commended
2013 Share the View – Denver Audobon Competition – Highly Commended

If you would like to keep up to date with my photography you can find me on various social media platforms:  Facebook, Instagram @cheetah80, Twitter @cheetah80 and Google +.